International Association of Business Communications

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International Association of Business Communications

Established since 1970, the International Association of Business Communications (IABC) grants a proficient network of more than 13, 000 commercial transmission professionals in about 60 countries. It is actually a convergence between the American Association of Industrial Editors and the International Council of Industrial Editors. Four years later, the Corporate Communications Canada joined.

At its first year operation, the International Association of Business Communications (IABC) has around 2, 280 participants with a budget of approximately US $100, 000. Since then, they have grown to more than 13, 000 all over the globe having an annual fund of US $5.1 million. Even with what they have accomplished, they still remain to be a non- stock, non- profit continental network of professionals who are dedicated to improve the effectiveness of several organizations through deliberate discussions and integrated management.

Members of the International Association of Business Communications (IABC) hold positions in public relations, corporate media, external affairs, investor relationships, government rapport, marketing communication, video production, graphic design, human resources, writing, teaching, editing, training and advertising.

The International Association of Business Communications (IABC) provides an effervescent venue to create a huge impact in your career through collective years of experience; scout for the hidden employment market; develop your capabilities with a vast library of case studies and search for clients if you are planning of expansion.

A percentage of 44 of those who are part of IABC are employed in corporations. It is then followed by those who are involved in non- profit associations which comprise 12%. Communication agencies at 11% and government or military at 6%, independent at 5%, management consultancies at 5%, education institution at 5%, utility at 2%, writing or editing at 2% and state- owned at 1%.

Of those comprising the figures, their responsibilities are the following: 23% are under the corporate communication department, 21% are in public affairs, 18% are under the employee communication department, 16% are in marketing communication and 6% are under a managerial level. Other areas include publication production, academic teaching, journalistic writing and resource training.

For those who are interested to join IABC, you can enjoy their products, services and activities that will assist in achieving excellence in your chosen field. They specialize in making business sense of communication, think strategically about interaction, build better relationships with stakeholders and clarify the value of consultation.

Its reading materials include the Communication World, an award- winning magazine that tackles on trends and issues. There is also Information Resources which are manuals on critical message function. For more information, you can log on to or give them a call at toll- free number 800-776-4222. IABC’s central headquarters is located at 1 Hallidie Plaza, Suite 600, San Francisco, California.


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